The Unicat MD57 is Rugged on the Outside and Welcoming on the Inside

 - Apr 9, 2018
References: & newatlas
It's true that expedition trucks are designed first and foremost to enable people to tackle the great outdoors, but there's no rule in place stating that the indoor environment of the truck can't be comfortable, which is something that German company Unicat has taken note of with the introduction of the MD57 truck.

This particular expedition truck comes fully equipped with a fiberglass living module that allows occupants to enjoy modern amenities that include a kitchen, fully equipped bathroom, dining room and bed. It also includes various features, including a porcelain toilet, a tiled shower a Bose 5.1 surround sound system for when users want to blast the tunes.

Intimidating from the outside and but exceptionally cozy and welcoming on the inside, Unicat's MD57 exemplifies the all-encompassing nature of high-end expedition trucks.