The Ultimate Wound Kit Has Everything You Need to Look Gruesome for Halloween

 - Aug 8, 2013
References: amazon & geekalerts
With zombies continuing to gain popularity due to such shows as the Walking Dead, there's no surprise as to why such products as this Ultimate Wound Kit has emerged to allow ordinary viewers to transform themselves into rabid undead beings.

There's just something about these undead creatures that seems to have captured the attention of people worldwide. Whether it's their humorously slow movements, eerily frightening overall appearances or simply their lust for human flesh, zombies are continuing to satisfy viewers on TV and in film with their ravenous behaviors. That's why this Ultimate Wound Kit is perfectly suited for anyone looking to act out their favorite zombie scenes with their friends or family.

Featuring everything you need to make your face look like an open wound, this zombie makeup kit will definitely make your next Halloween outfit a frightening sight.