Stelarc Implants Ear in Forearm For Internet Broadcasts

 - May 17, 2007   Updated: May 4 2011
References: engadget
Stelarc is one weird performance artist. He's implanted a cell-cultivated ear into his forearm. Now he's looking to expand his experiment whereby he plans to have a bluetooth device implanted under the skin into the ear so he can broad cast the internal sounds the ear picks up over the Internet. Freakshow doesn't even begin to describe it.

Implications - When it comes to performances in any artistic medium, theatricality is a must when it comes to entertaining fans. Whether it's explosive pyros, obscure stage or an unusual presence, theatrics are integral in preserving originality even when it can be deemed as too shocking. Businesses can take this approach and add some dramatic elements in their campaigns in order to keep potential consumers entertained and interested at the same time.