The 'Ultimate Guide to Eating Paleo' Infographic Examines Past Habits

 - Aug 20, 2012
References: greatist
When it comes to eating healthy, the 'Ultimate Guide to Eating Paleo' Infographic suggests individuals revert back to their hunter-gatherer ways. The Paleolithic dietary routine is based on what the first humans ate, namely wild plants and animals. It is these simple and natural ingredients that allowed them to thrive and remain strong in their early years.

Many who are devoted to the Paleolithic Diet believe that obesity and heart disease are correlated to society's modern diet, which includes processed and high-fat concentrate foods. The resulting infographic maps the dietary regime followed by the caveman and compares it to society's unsightly caloric in-take of today's modern man.

By advocating for natural foods rather than those chock-a-block full of preservatives and unnecessary fats and oils, the Ultimate Guide to Eating Paleo Infographic suggests society return back to the basics.