Ulric Collette Splits Family Faces to Identify Odd Look-A-Likes

 - Aug 18, 2011
References: genetic.ulriccollette & mymodernmet
Many people can relate to the same thought process as Ulric Collete in his questioning of how freakishly similar family members are. While I myself have picked up on familiar features across family members, the families within Ulric Collette's 'Portraits Genetiques' project seem almost identical.

As a graphic designer and photographer from Quebec, Canada, Ulric Collette has made it his mission with this project to decipher the genetic similarities between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, siblings and cousins. I may not think I look very much like my family, but maybe one of Ulric Collette's Genetic Portraits could prove me wrong!

Implications - With a strong focus on image being placed upon members of society through the media, consumers have become increasingly fixated on their visual appearance. Products or services that incorporate visual appearance, alleged DNA technology, or anti-aging will continue to remain important purchases from the perspective of image-conscious consumers.