The Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop Makes Holiday Style Jolly Good

There was a time when a family member or friend would show up to a festive gathering wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and people at the party would laugh for all the wrong reasons. But, the folks behind Ugly Christmas Sweater—the store—are out to prove that those times have changed.

Cashing in on the ugly Christmas sweater trend, this online boutique sells witty, festive pulls that are deliberately tasteless and that make bold, humorous, holiday statements.  Whether the seasonal style be a red and green, Nordic jumper with the words "fruit cake" written across the chest, or a pullover that comes with its own holiday lights installed, the Ugly Christmas Sweater shop has a nostalgic knit for everyone who finds it more fun to be on the naughty list than the nice one.

So if you’re looking for a more interesting—and fashionable—way to spice up your work’s annual, holiday bash, why not avoid spiking the eggnog this year and invest in an Ugly Christmas Sweater instead?