An Intrusive Twitter Algorithm Could Determine Your Gender Based on Tweets

 - Jul 28, 2011
References: theatlanticwire & gizmodo
Whether you post under a pseudonym, an imaginary character or as yourself, the Mitre Corporation will figure out who you are, thanks to a new Twitter algorithm the company developed.

Based on sociolinguistics (i.e. the phraseologies of different groups), a creepy Twitter algorithm is capable of combing through your tweets and instantly determining your gender with 75.8% accuracy. To build this algorithm, the Mitre research team had to investigate the language used by men and women in cyberspace; and just how exactly do genders differ in word selection? Well, words like "shopping" and phrases like "awww" appeared disproportionally in the tweets of women.

That isn't to say that women exclusively talk about shopping, but certain words do tend to give away the messenger's gender. This information is of increasing importance to advertisers who, in an attempt to accurately target customers, will pay outrageous fees to get their hands on it.