Casey Neistat Gives a Tutorial on Instagram in His Latest Video

 - Oct 2, 2012
References: laughingsquid
Artist and filmmaker Casey Neistat has created another great short, except this time, he gives an audience a tutorial on Instagram titled 'Instagram I Love You.' Instagram is Neistat's favorite social platform, as it is for many people now, because as Neistat says, "it just shows the good stuff."

Neistat believes that the main appeal and selling point of Instagram is that it's all about people sharing their lives with other interesting people. He uses the lives of Rick Ross and Justin Beiber to get the point across of who's using Instagram right.

In the video, Neistat gives an audience rules to follow on how to keep Instagram great. These rules in his words include "pick a theme and stick with it," "easy on hashtags," "never ask to be followed," "easy on the tilt shift," "crop it," and "don't bleed the feed."

Follow his rules and you'll be owning Instagram in just a few short days.