The 'Tunnel House' in Tokyo Visually Marries the Home's Interior and Exterior

This 'tunnel house' was created by Makiko Tsukada architects in Tokyo, Japan as a means of visually extending the street. The interior and exterior of the home are made to look like one thanks to the incorporation of a large carved-out section that sits perpendicular to the road. This convex tunnel-like form connects the spaces inside and outside the home.

On the open side of the cylindrical tunnel, there is a facade enclosed by glass. The inner space of the tunnel contains a bedroom and bathroom. Despite being contained within a concrete and steel structure, the bedroom retains an open feel with its open ceiling and screen partitions. The top of the concrete shell is visible from the bedroom.

While moving from the interior section of the tunnel to the exterior, there is a noticeable difference. Daylight flows down along the surface of the tunnel and a reflective ceiling surface can be seen. This surface fills what would otherwise be a gap in the floor, mirrors the space below and also doubles as a table.

Photo Credits: designboom,