Tumble Seed by Carmela Bogman is Inspired by a Flower

 - Feb 19, 2013
References: carmelabogman.nl & contemporist
At first, the Tumble Seed stool might look like an oversized modern spintop toy. In reality, it was inspired by a flower seed. Although it has a rather futuristic aesthetic, there is an organic quality about it as well. Nevertheless, what makes the Tumble Seed stool particularly intriguing is the fact that it doesn't have a flat base. Tapered to a point, people are forced to balance on it, making it at once relaxing and challenging--at least to a person's core.

Designed by Carmela Bogman under the authority of MN/Art Partner, the Tumble Seed stool is made up of eight thin aluminum strips. Scattered around the house of office, it wanders "loosely through space, waiting for you to restore its balance," according to the designer.