Japanese Developers Show off Their True 3D Hologram System

 - Jan 31, 2013
References: keio.ac.jp & bitrebels
Developers at AIST and Keio University have unveiled their new true 3D hologram system, and the results are stunning.

The system allows the user to create actual 3D floating images by focusing laser light to a specfic point, which then causes stimulation and illumination of the plasma in the oxygen and nitrogen that's abundant in the air. The developers also say that their true 3D hologram system can be modified at a later date by adding in primary colored red, green and blue lasers to create full color and more detailed holograms.

Currently, the system is capable of displaying 50,000 dots at 15 frames per second. The next step would be getting that frame rate up to 24, which would allow for videos to be displayed with the device.

With this true 3D hologram system, we're one step closer to have our very own holodeck from Star Trek!