The Treated Chair by Aldo Bakker Rearranges a Leg as a Backrest

 - Nov 3, 2011
References: aldobakker
If a seat happens to incorporate a backrest, it has often been designed to afford substantial support. But not the Treated Chair by Aldo Bakker, which presents its sitter with a single wooden post on which to rest his tired spine.

This peculiar piece of furniture embodies an unusual assembled arrangement, whereby the creator seems to have crafted a four-legged stool, before removing one appendage and placing it upon the seat. The result still offers a stable place to repose, yet it would be intriguing to discover how much assistance the lone stone beech dowel provides for propping one's upper body.

Of course, it's clear that there is more to the Treated Chair by Aldo Bakker than the function it performs. The graphite-coated object is quite successful as a sculptural work of art.