Ji Yuting and He Tao Wear Locale's Traditional Marriage Garb

 - Apr 5, 2016
References: mymodernmet
Ji Yuting and He Tao are travelling newlyweds that have embarked on the ultimate honeymoon. Both quit their jobs in order to embark on an epic year-long expedition. Having fallen in love in Tibet and becoming engaged in Chongqing, China, it's only natural this Chinese couple would take such an adventurous leap together.

What makes these travelling newlyweds even more special than the next -- because, let's face it, even if couples can't take a whole year off, they do often travel for honeymoons -- is the fact that they dress up in the traditional marriage garb of even locale they visit. So far, they’ve tried on over 20 different costumes from a range of different ethnic groups. That's impress -- especially when taking into account all they're learning.