Travel Hassle Free

 - Jun 5, 2007
References: theluggageclub
There is a growing trend in the elite world today to have their baggage and goods delivered when they travel.

Every traveler knows the frustrations associated with checked baggage on scheduled airlines. Even before 9/11, checking baggage took valuable time before and after a flight. The recent (August, 2006) discovery and foiling of a terrorist plot to blow up ten aircraft over the Atlantic, and the even tighter restrictions on carry-on baggage that resulted, is driving passengers to check baggage that was previously carried aboard, placing a further strain on the airline's baggage handling systems. Lost and damaged luggage is an all-too common problem. And just getting bags off the carousel and transferred to ground transportation can be a real chore. Finally, there is the increasing chance, as airlines tighten the rules, that luggage will exceed size or weight limits, resulting in substantial added expense â€" and, increasingly, in the carrier's refusal to take oversize luggage at any price.

Not anymore. With The Luggage Club, travelers get the convenience of door-to-door luggage delivery. Luggage is picked up when and where the traveler designates (home, office, hotel, etc.) and delivered directly to the final destination. No luggage security hassles; no need to transport luggage to and from the airport; no check-in lines; no waiting for luggage at the destination airport; no lugging bags to ground transport; almost no chance of luggage being lost; and, finally, no need to tip porters or other baggage handlers along the way.

The Luggage Club is your Luggage Delivery Service that picks up your luggage, golf clubs or any other items from your home, 220 countries worldwide, and delivers to your final destination, and returned to your home when you want, how you want.