These Modular Transforming 'Roombots' are Amazingly Autonomous

 - Feb 24, 2011   Updated: May 9 2011
References: fastcodesign & randommization
Transforming 'Roombots' might sound like an antagonistic race of mechanized villains from a sci-fi movie or television show, but in fact they are just machines which have the ability to turn themselves into furniture on command.

Based on modular technology, transforming 'Roombots' also operate autonomously in order to create a bench or a chair. Incredibly, they can also stack themselves discretely against a wall when not needed... until they decide to take over the world.

Implications - Advanced technology has entered many consumers' lives because of its usefulness. The number of automated-response products is slowly taking over homes helping simplify day-to-day chores. Advanced robotics have yet to enter households; however, that time isn't far and it's likely that robotics will soon take over the living environment to provide the ultimate convenience.