Slick ‘10 Inches' Merges Go-Kart and Skateboard

 - Mar 6, 2009
References: floriandobe.blogspot & tuvie
If you’ve ever felt the delight of an adrenaline rush from a go-kart ride, but aren’t enthused with its poor design, ‘10 Inches’ is the ultimate choice for you. Do not let its name deceive you with naughty thoughts, though; this is purely a go-kart concept that just happens to have unusually small wheels.

Designed by Florian Dobe, this intriguing design resembles a futuristic supersized skateboard, featuring visible springs and dampers, retractable rocket-like headlights and wide 10-inch rims. Its unique characteristics are foldable bucket seats and a detachable steering wheel, so that it folds smooth and flat when parked. According to the designer, this is the sculpture mode, or, for the rest of us, the sharp and ultramodern skateboard mode.

Even so, one cannot help but feel attracted to this slick two-seater; it presents a distinct playful yet aggressive spirit which seems to promise that, by the end of the ride, the excitement will hardly let you fold it back to its go-kart form.