The Touchscreen Mist Cleaners is Slender and Efficient

Keeping our flatscreens clean and glossy never looked so good thanks to AM’s Touchscreen Mist Cleaners.

If you’re not cleaning your screens then get clued in -- they’re utterly gross. And it’s not only because of the sweaty smudges and fingerprint marks, it’s also all types of common household bacteria that can somehow come back to haunt you.

So now you know, and with Touchscreen Mist Cleaners not only will your devices be hygiene-friendly, but the design of the cleaners is sleek as well. The set comes with a misting spray tube filled with an alcohol-free cleaner and a slender microfiber cloth-clad bar to keep your delicate screens—laptop, desktop, phones, tablets—shiny and pristine with just the press of a button.