Toshiba Printer Can Write and Rewrite on the Same Paper

 - Nov 25, 2006
References: coolest-gadgets
Toshiba developed a printer called B-SX8R that has the capability to write and rewrite on the same paper repeatedly. They are saying that it will be working mostly in big business institutes and it will help to decrease the use of paper and the emissions of CO2. The printer will utilize a plastic paper, like the packaging of soft drink bottles. By applying enough amount of heat on the paper one can manage the pigmentation.

“Toshiba claims that the B-SX8R printer will help organizations to reduce the environmental impact on two ways. First of all, the manufacturing process of the printer generates about 1,5 kilograms of CO2 while the standard manufacturing process for a laser printer could generate 5 times that amount. Secondly since the printer uses the same sheet of paper for up to 500 impressions it will contribute to reduce the CO2 emissions that are connected with the production of paper.”

Coolest Gadgets stated that “the product has been available in Japan since July of 2006, but it will arrive in Europe and in the US only in 2008.”