The 'Tips on Getting a Job' Graphic Follows 7 Key Points

 - Nov 29, 2012
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Acquiring a social media internship, journalism job or a job in the field of your choice can be difficult; however, with the 'Tips on Getting a Job' infographic it is easier than you would think.

There are seven key steps in getting the job you want, beginning with 'Networking.' Going out and meeting people is the best way to land your dream job. The second step is 'Stop Waiting and Start Doing' -- take any little task and roll with it, you never know what will land you your dream job. Don't forget to 'Stand Out of the Crowd' and 'Volunteer' your time. Making your face known in a magnitude of circles is a great idea. 'Look Outside Your Industry' by acquiring a job you are not used too. This will help you grow. Take into consideration 'Relocating' and 'Make Your Own Work.'