Best of Video Online According to Time

 - Dec 31, 2008
References: time
While I am a bit dubious about this list, who am I to argue with Time who pulled together what they deem to be the top ten viral videos of the year.

Of course "Dancing Matt," who I have a ridiculous and irrational high level of hatred for, is in there.

Western Spaghetti is a lot cooler and so up my street; basically, it is a very a clever cooking simulation which rocks.

I was just thinking about Christian The Lion, the best video ever. Animals can love too - hurrah!

Hamster on a Piano is nothing short of hilarious and so cute - I love these guys. Sadly did my cat Crumpet who ate Honey Bunny the hamster one Christmas. Not that I am still upset about it of course.

The first Barack one (yawn)…

Great Super Mario video - would you expect anything less? Me neither.

Political Infomercial showing how you can pretend you give a crap about the election.

Star Wars According To A Three Year Old - I was really into this until the parents started acting like total arses in the comments section of the video in an impressive own goal!

School children do a spoof of T.I’s Whatever You Like. These kids are so happy. Love it.

No Frills Flying