The Pongtu Toilet Plunger Keeps Hands Clean and Dry

 - Apr 19, 2017
References: amazon & odditymall
Using a traditional toilet plunger is a surefire way to make a nasty mess and get your hands quite dirty in the process. The Pongtu plunger is a sanitary approach to the design that works to unclog toilets in a matter of moments without having to utilize the traditional suction base and the wooden handle.

The Pongtu works by being affixed onto the bare bowl to create a vacuum-tight seal in order to ensure that water and air aren't able to get in or out. When the top portion of the Pongtu is depressed it creates a vacuum effect that plunges the clog to force it through without having to utilize a regular plunger.

The Pongtu toilet plunger device is sanitary, strong and makes quick work of nasty clogs.