Adam Perry Creates Dimensional Buildings and Art Pieces Out of Bread

 - Aug 11, 2016
References: instagram & mymodernmet
Adam Perry is a father that has thought of a clever way to entice his daughter with food allergies to enjoy eating bread by turning the food into 3D toast sculptures. The works are made entirely out of bread that is then cut into various shapes and stacked together to replicate identifiable symbols, homes and figures. The designs are built specifically to entice picky eaters to sample the food in front of them.

Kids can often be picky eaters or have dietary restrictions due to allergies that limit their options. It is the second that inspired Perry to transform his daughter's diet that featured toast with sunflower oil into a much more appealing meal by using visuals. The toast is cut and constructed into houses, compasses and even the Olympic rings to entice his daughter to eat.