The Tital Multi-tool Collar Stays Define Practical Fashion

 - Sep 25, 2011
References: exuvius & dornob
Shirt stays aren’t items people normally pay attention to, and most could do without them; however, the Tital Multi-tool Collar Stays are an accessory that many could use when the time comes.

Much like a regular shirt stay, the Tital Multi-tool Collar Stays help secure the fabric in place so that everything looks fine and dandy. So what sets this apart? This accessory in particular is made from featherweight titanium, for starters. Then there’s the design itself, as this collar stay actually doubles as a multifunctional tool. The pointed end can function as a screwdriver, which may not be needed, but you never know. The rear functions as a bottle opener and a cutting tool for loose strings. Not a bad way to go for the handy person who feels the need to have tools on them at all times.