The 'Berlin Patient' Timothy Ray Brown is Said to be HIV-Free

 - Jun 6, 2011
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Timothy Ray Brown, the "Berlin Patient," under went a stem cell bone marrow transplant in late 2007 in hopes of curing his HIV virus. According to scientists, the HIV bone marrow donor is a part of a small 1 percent of caucasian people who are immune to the vicious virus.

At the time when the transplant was performed, Timothy Ray Brown was suffering from both leukemia and HIV. Of course, there has been a large amount of skepticism surrounding the Berlin doctor’s reports, but as of June 3, 2011 all tests have supported the fact that Timothy Ray Brown’s HIV has gone away.

Despite the noteworthy recovery of Mr. Brown, the scientists warn of the huge risk with bone marrow transplants.  If this procedure is, indeed, a resolution for HIV, there are heavy risks involved.

Timothy Ray Brown has had slight neurological side effects from his procedure.