Thumbs & Ammo Swaps Violence for a More Positive Attitude

With debates about gun laws reaching an all-time high as violence continues to soar around the world, Thumbs & Ammo proposes a real attitude change. As it states on its website, "Real tough guys don't need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude." This is reflected through the replacement of lethal firearms with a more heartwarming gesture: the universal thumps up.

A simple Photoshopped series, Thumbs & Ammo nevertheless carries a strong message that goes beyond the humor of the images. Whether it is Han Solo or the A-Team giving people a thumbs-up, the series will surely encourage people to stop and think before they fantasize about being a big action figure. Not to mention that the next time a person watches a blockbuster action film, images of thumbs up will pop up unexpectedly.