Keer Chair

 - Mar 9, 2008
References: reinierdejong & core77
Dutch architect and designer Reinier de Jong designed an object that functions as a chair, a lounger and a stool.

In Dutch, 'keer' means to multiply and turn. This word fits perfectly as a name for this object since, if you turn this chair around, you get a lounge chair. Turn it one more time and you get the stool.

In order for people to turn this object easily, the KEER chair was constructed of lightweight polyethylene. Additionally, the chair can grow horizontally, by connecting a piece to it, thus widening it into a bench.

Although expensive, the designer settled on rotation molding because it allows the chair to be lightweight, have a curvy shape, pricesly connect to other pieces, has a need for stability and strength despite its thin lightweight nature, and because once the mold is ready, the chair is easy to produce.

Jong is currently seeking funding. Once he finds the investors he needs, he estimates the chair will sell at a retail price between 100 and 200 Euros.