The Thom Browne Resort 2013 Collection Features Friendly Water Creatures

The whale-oriented designs of the Thom Browne Resort 2013 collection are a playful and slightly terrifying mix. Alternating between lively, water-spouting whales and literally skeletal whale carcasses, the designer adds an interesting side to the collection.

Focusing mainly on grays and blues, the collection is very reminiscent of water, but with a waspy, upscale twist. The resort collection incorporates tweeds and heavy cotton fabrics while mixing in lighter, patterned wear.

With matching accessories, the whale-emblazoned styles are sure to be a nautical knock out. Model Jessica Stam perfectly displays her stoic, slightly snobbish modeling ability. Outfitted with blazers and cat-eyed sunglasses, the bright and summery collection is a lovely homage to the sea and its fascinating creatures.