'10 Things to do with Twinkies' by NPR Commemorates Hostess

With the iconic brand Hostess about to be extinct, NPR has made '10 things to do with Twinkies' before they are forever more no longer available. Up until now Twinkies have mainly been used as a food source, but not anymore.

If you happen to find going down in a plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean, hopefully the airline has provided some emergency floatation devices made of Twinkes to keep you afloat and well-fed while rescues comes. Just be sure not to eat the entire life vest or soon you’ll be on your own. Twinkies can also be used in place of pepper spray by policemen to fend off protesters and there is no better way to get in shape than by using the treats as weights. 

Remember that while 10 things to do with Twinkes does hold some good ideas; the possibilities are endless.