Unsuccessful Attempts at Resourcefulness at 'There, I Fixed It'

 - Jul 1, 2009   Updated: May 11 2011
References: thereifixedit & twitter
MacGuyver is known internationally as the epitome of resourcefulness; the 'There, I Fixed It' blog catalogs when us regular folks attempt to fix things on our ownâ€"and fail miserably.

The gallery above features some recent images from 'There I Fixed It.' You'll see guerrilla spare tires, plenty of duct tape and even a car door made from corrugated metal. Hilarious!

Implications - Blogs that mock others have become extremely popular in pop culture today. Audiences are looking to find a laugh at others' expense, as is exemplified by blogs like 'F My Life.' Additionally, the more outrageous or hilarious the blog is, the more likely it will go viral as it will be shared via social media.