Therapy by Roman Polanski Captures the Allure of Prada

 - May 22, 2012
References: youtube & highsnobiety
‘Therapy’ by Roman Polanski is a short film presented by Prada starring Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter as a therapist and his patient.

The film begins with Carter’s character entering Kingsley’s office, taking off her beautiful coat and sitting down on the couch. As she begins to describe the specifics of her latest dream, the therapist’s attention begins to shift from his patient to her coat. Carter continues to go on about her dream, oblivious to the fact that her therapist is completely enthralled by her jacket.

The shift in attention from person to thing coincides with the frustration that Carter’s character feels as a women subjugated by men and her upper class status. As Kingsley envelops himself in the beautiful fur cloak it becomes apparent that when Prada is concerned, the piece takes precedence over the person, after all "PRADA Suits Everybody."