The 'BioCatch' Software Secures Devices Through Mannerisms

 - May 17, 2013
References: biocatch & springwise
With technology becoming increasingly prevalent, security has become even more important and 'BioCatch' theft detectors aim to capitalize on that discretely. Monitoring the way a user uses their device, 'BioCatch' can detect when an unidentified person is using the technology it's installed on. The result is an invisible and accurate security system that removes the hassle of entering a password to use your gadgets.

The system works by building a profile of the gadget's user through their behavioral patterns. The way a user types, uses their mouse or swipes a screen is recorded to build a comprehensive picture of that user's mannerisms. This type of profiling is very accurate because of the wide array of typing and swiping styles. In a sense, each person has a technological fingerprint. If an unauthorized user gains access to the device, their unfamiliar gestures will trigger BioCatch to immediately secure the gadget.