Professionally Operated So Cal Cartels

 - Dec 9, 2007
References: iht
Border patrols have been discovering an elaborate network of underground tunnels used for smuggling drugs and illegal aliens. Most have been found in California and Arizona bordering Mexico, and between Canada and Washington State.

The most recent discovery in southern California has been professionally engineered and financed by drug cartels. It is equipped with lighting, drainage, ventilation, and pulleys.

"Engineers have clearly been consulted in the construction of these detailed corridors," the International Herald Tribune reported. "The tunnel here has drawn additional scrutiny because just hours after it was discovered, the deputy police chief of the twin city across the border, Tecate, Mexico, was killed in a fusillade at his home, in what appeared to be a cartel assassination. The deputy chief had helped find the passage's Mexican end."

Since September 11, 2001, law enforcement has been diligent in spotting border breaches. Existing tunnels are monitored for radioactivity or any sign of terrorist activity. When discovered, they are scrutinized and destroyed. During 2007, federal laws have been enacted that make it a felony do design, build, or participate in any type of smuggling operation.