The Ultimate Wingman is Able to Relieve You from All Your Stresses

 - May 23, 2013
References: youtube & adsoftheworld
Camaraderie in men is showcased in many ways and one of those ways it's showcased is by being the ultimate wingman. The commercial from Club Orange showcases the story of a man born to be 'The Ultimate Wingman.'

Being a wingman normally just entails being able to help their friend out meeting someone, but the ad agency of Chemistry from Dublin, Ireland adds some fantastical twists to it. The Ultimate Wingman is able to solve the dilemmas of bummed out guys by simply conjuring beautiful women and hot tubs for his fellow man.

It's often that companies attempt to create a character that their demographics can relate with to create some form of rapport. Being outlandish and weird is usually a good means of engaging an audience.