The 'Tube' is Designed to Offer an Alternative to Conventional Transportatio

 - Aug 19, 2010   Updated: Aug 17 2011
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The 'Tube' monocycle is designed to meet the needs of individual as well as mass transit users. Taking issues such as trafic, pollution and noise into consideration, the 'Tube' finds the way to offer a pollution-free means of transport.

The 'Tube' monocycle can be parked in a vertical parking structure, built on the city outskirts for convenient use. Check out the featured gallery to take a look at the 'Tube' concept vehicle's interesting design.

Implications - In today's society, many tech-obsessed consumers are willing to invest large sums of money if it means having access to the most innovative and cutting-edge gadgets. Businesses that work to provide unique alternatives to traditional devices will likely experience favorable results.