Glow-worm Documents Temperature Tweets

 - Dec 1, 2009
References: yourhottopics & needanewboiler
Most of us use Twitter as a way to rant and rave about the things that happen to us during the day. Glow-worm is a heating system manufacturer in the UK that has noticed that there are lot of vented frustrations about the temperature on Twitter.

Of late, most of the tweets have been about how cold the temperature is and the cost of keeping warm. The Glow-worm mash up online application will show real time tweets about the temperature.

There is a drop down menu where you can select topics such as boilers, central heating, energy saving, fuel costs and Boiler Scrappage Theme. A Google map allows you to see tweets near you by selecting a region.

Some examples of the temperature related tweets:
"Gloves indoors? Is this a bit weird? I guess it’s cheaper than paying for more heating."
My house is SO cold ‘cause my Dad had the heating off :(
A very mild evening, this keeps up I’ll be saving a fortune on my heating bills. Happy days!