'The SKY' is a UV Sanitizer That Was Recently Unveiled at CES 2016

 - Jan 6, 2016
References: prnewswire
'Seal Shield' just debuted a UV sanitizer called 'The SKY' at CES 2016. While our digital devices may look clean, many of them are covered in harmful bacteria and viruses. These germs are not only unpleasant, but they can also facilitate the spread of super bugs.

The SKY is a UV sanitizer that is specially designed for use in hospital environments. The device works by shining a 254 nanometer UVC light on smartphones and tablets at close proximity. The device is easy to use and it can safely sanitize any digital device in less than 30 seconds time. This technology is particularly useful for hospitals because the Journal of Applied Microbiology has found that "twenty to thirty percent of viruses can be readily transferred from a fingertip to a glass surface, like that on a touch screen."

The UV sanitizer provides a safe and effective way for hospitals to cut down on the spread of illnesses caused by mobile devices.