The Products is a Venture Created by Institute Noisinho da Silva

 - Apr 11, 2014
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Founded in 2011, the Products is a social business based in Brazil that utilizes an increasingly popular model in that it manages the products created by Institute Noisinho da Silva, an NGO, with the end goal being self-sufficiency financially speaking. "This model promotes a virtuous circle between Noisinho, responsible for the research and development of Universal Design products of Assistive and Social Technologies, and The Products, holder of the marketing and production knowledge," they write. "Once separated, it won agility, flexibility and efficiency in the process of decision-making, enabling with royalties new creations by the Institute."

The social business currently has two products to offer: The Ciranda, floor chair; and the Inclusive School Desk - CEI. The latter is designed for children ages 1 to six with cerebral palsy and the former is for students who are a little older.