The Originals Factory is Programmed to Paint

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: liatsegal.blogspot & laughingsquid
Artists may want to watch the progression of the robotics industry very carefully after seeing 'The Originals Factory.' The Originals Factory is a robotic painter built by Liat Segal and Assaf Talmudi. The robot is programmed to drip paint down a canvas, creating "landscape paintings in the style of American abstract impressionism."

The Originals Factory uses its built-in camera and computer to tell itself where and how much paint to drop and what colors to use. The resulting painting looks good, but the process used to create it is even more fascinating; artists creating robots to create art is about as meta as it can get. You can check out The Originals Factory in action in the video here. Somebody build a Da Vinci robot and then we're talking.