Safe & Stylish On The Go

 - Apr 11, 2007
References: flatterme
Safety is and always will be a top priority for both male and female travellers. Vital documents (passport), money or jewellery (engagement rings) have to come alongâ€"there's no way around it.

Women have an advantage with handbags, of course, yet any item you carry positions you as a target. A purse is often the first thing a thief goes after. There are hideous strap-on devices and fanny packs, but not every one wants to look like a nerdy tourist either.

Rotha Cain, an avid traveller herself, didn't want to sacrifice safety or fashion and invented The Leg Pocket. The little pouch can be attached to a band or a garter giving the wearer multiple options on where to wear it on their bodies (ankle, thigh, wrist, bicep, calf).

Anyone who has ever gone to the gym has probably wondered where to put their keys, wallet or gym pass. The Leg Pocket is an easy solution for men and women.

Those who have been on a cruise ship might remember the frustration after getting dolled up in formal wear only to be perplexed when leaving the room about where to stash the room key. Lugging around a purse solely to keep the little plastic card is such an inconvenience. Strap your Leg Pocket on a garter under your dress, and problem solved!

The Leg Pocket is affordable ($31-$35) and comes in various colours including white, black, brown, turquoise and hot pink. They come in lamb leather, patent leather and suede.