Resurrecting Old Polaroid Film and Camera Models is Reality (UPDATE)

 - Oct 19, 2009
References: inqmnd & the-impossible-project
Polaroid stopped making film last July, but that doesn’t mean that devotees are ready to give up on their love affair with old Polaroid not-so-instant cameras. After all, even artists like Andy Warhol were impressed with the magical experience of manipulating a Polaroid photo into being.

There is good news for Polaroidistas everywhere: on October 13th, The Summit Global Group announced that it will re-launch some of the most famous Polaroid Instant Cameras. As a result, the company is commissioning The Impossible Project to develop and produce limited edition Polaroid-branded Instant Films. The analog film should be available by mid-2010.

The scheduled production is the realization of The Impossible Project company’s goal to reinvent Polaroid film by 2010 as reported by Trend Hunter earlier this year. Not only that, but the company will now be making film products for a new venture that is reproducing old Polaroid camera models.