The High-Powered Gore Cannon

 - Sep 21, 2008   Updated: Mar 24 2011
References: hawgfly & blog.makezine
As far as Halloween-related crafts go, the Gore Cannon is what the holiday is all about. It was made by Meredith Johns and Carolyn O’Hara from Hawgfly. Their ultimate Halloween weapon allows them to aim and fire at will, instantly coating anything they hit with convincing-looking blood.

This cannon beats all other forms of covering things with fake blood.

Implications - Though Halloween has always been a time to celebrate all things dark and mysterious, the desensitized consumers of today call for less mischief and more downright macabre innovations, like the Gore Cannon. Today's consumer doesn't scare as easily as previous generations, with a deeper blood lust than ever observed in a mass consumer group.