The Facedrink Promises to Boost Your Mood and Energy

 - Jun 15, 2011
References: facebook & foodista
The Facedrink is the latest energy drink to hit the shelves.

The Facedrink is a 2.5 ounce energy shot which claims to be "The Social Drink." The drink's taste is a blend of fruit flavors with the additions of energy boosters, taurine and caffeine. The Facedrink is sugar-free, carb-free and has three calories per shot. The similarity in design to Facebook is truly uncanny. The logo itself is done in similar font style as well as the colors used as the bottle is dark blue. To even further the Facedrink's familiar design, below the slogan of 'The Social Drink' is a box that states "Add a Friend."

The Facedrink, according to its makers, is full of social energy and they define it as "Social energy is what you need to manage all of the events in your life. Whether it is work, school, sports or just getting through the daily routine, Facedrink provides you with a boost of energy to manage it all."