The Drifter Uploads and Plays Music Without Cords or Smart Devices

 - Aug 11, 2015
References: getdrifter & techcrunch
While waterproof speakers have gained popularity in recent months, the Drifter is unique because it works without any connecting devices. The Drifter is a creative speaker system that allows users to upload music on the go and is completely cordless.

Without the need for connecting cords or Bluetooth technology, this device is the ideal companion for camping, beach trips and outdoor adventures where cellphones aren't required.

This convenient device is made by Freedom Audio and accommodates the musical needs of any outdoor enthusiast or pool-lover. With a massive storage system of 16 GB, it can hold an impressive library of music. Another great feature of this device is that is compatible with any music source from Spotify to Apple Music, which makes uploading tunes simple.