The Cranium Couch from Frivolous Pancakes Takes Relaxation to a New Level

 - Sep 20, 2011
References: frivolouspancakes & uniquedaily
The comedy group Frivolous Pancakes has finally come up with an answer for how to coast by life's boring moments in the form of the Cranium Couch. The Cranium Couch is a small couch that fits around one's neck, allowing you to sleep through everything from conference calls to basketball games.

Unfortunately, the Cranium Couch is not a real product. Still, the video is hilarious, especially the section showing how two parents adore men who wear miniature couches around their neck. The video is styled after an infomercial, and although it is ridiculous, it doesn't stray far from its source material. I can count more than a few infomercials that are equally or more ridiculous than Frivolous Pancakes' Cranium Couch. You can see what a person looks like wearing a couch and begin honing that natural desire for a wearable miniature couch by checking out the featured video here.