The Cisco Cius is the First Business Mobile Communication Device

 - Jan 16, 2012
References: cisco & cisco
The Cisco Cius is no regular tablet; Cisco has developed the world's first 'business mobile communication device.' The control of desktop work has now been revolutionized to fit into a handheld screen that will have the comprehensive businessperson working from virtually anywhere. There is no mistaking the professional and futuristic appeal this device proposes, for the video itself will have the average businessperson looking outdated sitting at their desk.

The tablet has pulled out all the stops, not allowing any holes for unsatisfactory business communication. The Cisco Cius boasts high definition video and audio alongside two cameras, 3G and 4G capabilities and, if that isn't enough, Cisco has paired with Android to compose all of these features within an industry-leading interface.

Any desktop work will meet a null in improvement unless the change resembles that seen in the Cisco Cius. This mobile communications device -- not a tablet -- provides a level of sophistication to any user. The business world may actually be ready to welcome a new era in mobile technology.

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