Ekho Brings 'The Battle of Buda' to Life in This Reinterpretation

The Battle of Buda ended a long time ago, but wouldn't it be cool to relive it? Sometimes it's hard to imagine what the events in our history textbooks were all about when all we have are old, motionless paintings. Hungary-based artist Ekho lets you relieve the battle by 3D mapping every person, animal and object from a painting of the battle called 'The Recapture of Buda Castle in 1686' by Gyula Benczur.

Ekho has rebuilt each part of the painting and turned it into a 3D scene. The base was made using simple polygonal structures that were then chiseled down to allow allow him to overlay the details of the painting.

Ekho also added Benczur's brushstrokes, but also layered the subjects to bring the flat characters to life. Somehow a flat painting has become so life-like you'll think you're really in the battle.