The Anatomy of a Streetcar Ride is a Humorous Look at Public Transit

 - Jun 8, 2012
References: graphjam.memebase & bite
The Anatomy of a Streetcar Ride appeals to daily commuters that are forced to put up with a variation of annoyances ranging from minute to full-out frustrating while trekking around the city.

Featured on, the comic features all of the most common grievances that public transit riders have to endure on a regular basis. At the front of the streetcar the comic has left the driver out of the sketch as he is 'switching tracks or getting a coffee,' and is nowhere to be found.

As one goes toward the back of the car other obnoxious specimens are pointed out such as a person who is eating and making a massive mess, a crazy homeless individual mumbling gibberish under their breath and the not-so-courteous patron who refuses to move their bag from a seat for anyone to sit down.