The Amiable Humanist Creates Stunning Scientific Sketches

 - Jul 8, 2011
References: emmabell42.wordpress
Most individuals never get to see firsthand what embryonic photos look like, but thanks to The Amiable Humanist we get to see a beautiful artistic rendering of these embryological doodles. The artist is a first year medical student and she acquired her inspiration from real photographs in the Science Photo Library to create these wonderful insightful and scientifically artistic pictures.

The Amiable Humanist includes drawings done about IVF embryo testing, sperm production and even cat embryos. It is pretty rare that you get to see non-computer generated scientific drawings from outlines done by an insanely hi-tech microscope. These drawings, done in felt-tip and biro, bring the art back into science and remind viewers that the body is a work of art in itself.