Avoid Humiliation Over the Holiday with Some Thanksgiving Etiquette Tips

 - Nov 21, 2012
References: visual.ly
Thanksgiving etiquette can be tricky and intimidating for those who are venturing to a friend's or significant other's family dinner for the first time. With most of the evening revolving around a dinner table, it's important to know which dish serves what purpose so as to not eat your turkey from the butter plate.

A common and polite gesture for a guest is to assist, or at least volunteer to, with certain preparations, which may sometimes include dinner settings. To avoid an embarrassment from retracting the offer, it's best to be prepared with how most traditional tables are set by doing a little research beforehand. While not all tables are set this way, they do follow a general pattern. The Thanksgiving Etiquette infographic offers some simple tips as well as formal and informal settings for those interested.