These Textured Garments are Inspired by Body Movements

 - Oct 20, 2015
References: jessicasmarsch & dezeen
Jessica Smarsch recently designed a series of textured garments that are inspired by body movements. Although we often think about how a garment allows us to move, these movements rarely inspire the design of the clothing itself. This collection takes real bodily actions and transforms them in graphic patterns.

For her 'Constructing Connectivity' collection, Smarsch designed a series of textured garments that are informed by body movements. In order to create each piece, Smarsch had to attach a wireless armband to a volunteer. The armband would record the individual's movements and then relay this data to an Arduino circuit board. The information helped Smarsch visualize each movement and turn it into a graphic pattern. The result is a series of raised patterns that mimic real body movements.

The Constructing Connectivity collection demonstrates how new technology can be used to influence the textile making process.